Staffing Vet Opens First Line HR

NEW ORLEANS – After over 20 years working in the HR industry for ExxonMobil, Superior Energy Services, Tulane University and others, Ray Lieber has struck out on his own. Lieber said he founded his new company, First Line HR,  to help small to midsize businesses solve staffing problems and regain momentum.

“Research from Gallup, Willis Towers Watson and Aon Hewitt confirms that only three out of every 10 employees is engaged in his or her work,” said Lieber. “52 percent say they’re ‘just showing up’ and 17 percent describe themselves as ‘actively disengaged.’ Engagement affects productivity, retention, safety, customer service and other key financial metrics critical to business success. So the big challenge is helping business leaders and their first line managers understand engagement and how their actions can unlock the full potential of their workforce.”

Lieber said the keys to finding the right candidate including using ‘appropriate sourcing’ (LinkedIn, social media, job boards, etc.), working closely with hiring managers to craft a compelling ad, ensuring a thorough and unbiased interview and designing an effective onboarding process.

“There is a significant percentage of voluntary quits within the first 90 days if they don’t have a good onboarding experience,” said Lieber.

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