St. Tammany West Chamber Named LA Chamber Of The Year

Recipients of the small, medium and large Louisiana 2017 Chamber of the Year awards are pictured at the recent LA Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives conference in Lafayette. From left are Jeremy Broussard of the Broussard Chamber, Kiley Bishop of the St. Tammany West Chamber, and Sherry Despino of the Ascension Chamber.

COVINGTON, LA – The Board of Directors of St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce announced they were awarded the 2017 Large Chamber of the Year award at the Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (LACCE) Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana.

         The LACCE Leadership Awards Program acknowledges chambers that have demonstrated quality in chamber management and commitment of volunteer leadership. Examples of growth and progress in the following three areas are vital to an organization’s success: community development, how has the chamber spearheaded or played a key role in positive community change; organizational development, highly successful programs that make the chamber effective; and professional development, how the chamber CEO and board have distinguished themselves as a leader in the chamber profession and the community it serves.

         Winners of the small, medium and large chamber awards were selected by judges from out of state who were comprised of current and past chamber executives. In order to be considered in the Large Chamber category, individual chambers from across the state needed to show highly successful community, organizational and professional development.

         Lacey Toledano, who recently celebrated her 18th year in her role as St. Tammany West Chamber President, said, “As one of less than one percent of five-star accredited chambers in the country, we maintain the highest standards regardless of award recognition. The chamber staff, its committees and board of directors are essential to the chamber’s success, and they are honored to celebrate this award, therefore we dedicate this distinguished recognition to all of our investors and active engaged members, and pledge to continue to work toward the highest standards as a provider of business support and voice of business.”

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Winners pictured celebrating the 2017 LACCE Large Chamber of the Year award from left are staff and board leaders: Jessica Hester; Bret Kolman, CEO of Lakeview Hospital; Cynthia Thompson, Impera Wealth Partners; Kiley Bishop; Lacey Toledano; Kayla Vera; and Mandi Cantrelle.


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