St. Tammany Quality Network Announces Awards

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COVINGTON – From the St. Tammany Quality Network:

St. Tammany Quality Network presented the 2020 first quarter Medical Director’s Award to Drs. Joshua Yellen, Sunil Purohit, Joshua Sleeper, and Ross Hogan for their involvement with the development and implementation of advanced prostate cancer screening and diagnosis at St. Tammany Health System (STHS).

“This is a major advancement in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and STHS is the first to offer this on the Northshore,” said Dr. Michael K. Hill. “This will allow high-risk patients who have negative screening biopsies to have targeted biopsies. Furthermore, patients with low grade prostate cancer can be monitored possibly avoiding radical prostatectomy. Dr. Yellin, a radiologist who specializes in reading prostate MRI studies, spearheaded this project and we had great support of our urologists.”

Targeted MR/ultrasound biopsy is poised to become the new standard in prostate care. UroNav fuses pre-biopsy MR images of the prostate with ultrasound images in real time, providing exceptional delineation of the prostate and suspicious lesions.

Dr. Yellin has been at STHS for two years. He specializes in interpreting prostate MRIs. Dr. Purohit is a STQN board member and a member of the STQN performance management committee. He has been on the medical staff for 19 years. Dr. Joshua Sleeper and Dr. Ross Hogan have been members of STQN and the STHS medical staff for four and five years, respectively.

Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer has become the most common form of cancer in American men and the second-leading cause of cancer death in this population, according to American Cancer Society, which finds one in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

STQN continuously strives to define and improve the healthcare needs of our community. Promoting wellness is a key component of this quest.

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