St. Tammany Health System Gives COVID-19 Update

COVINGTON – From St. Tammany Health System:


Sincere thanks to all the food gifts to feed the bellies and souls of our brave healthcare workers. Our Food Service Department is working hard every day to manage the very generous and thoughtful gifts of food for our workers. To be safe, they are instituting the following guidelines for safe handling of food gifts.

Please contact Helen McNab in Food Service at or (985) 898-4065 and follow these guidelines:

  1. Food must be prepared in a licensed and LDH-inspected facility.
  2. Please ensure food is individually wrapped or packaged, as we are no longer using buffet service in the hospital. Pizza is an exception due to the nature of pizza and our kitchen’s ability to parcel it out efficiently.
  3. Cold donations help us ensure time/temperature guidelines are met, but we can work with hot food as well.
  4. Where possible, please consider contributing healthy food choices.
  5. Please label the gift with instructions if needed. Include who is giving the gift, so we know who to recognize.
  6. Our hospital is in a restricted access environment, so donations must be delivered to the food service back entrance. They can then be delivered within the hospital by food service staff.


Overall total hospital census today is 120, with 13 COVID-positive and 17 COVID-tests pending, all in proper isolation. STHS teams continue to outfit intensive care, isolation and negative pressure spaces for care of our patients, scaling up negative pressure rooms as needed.

Testing for COVID-19

Drive-through COVID-19 testing for patients with physician orders and symptoms is open daily 1-5 p.m. at Mandeville Diagnostic Center (201 St. Ann, Mandeville). The Cordes Outpatient Pavilion (16300 Hwy 1085, Covington) continues to provide all services, open regular hours, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Even though MDC is closed to regular business to allow for the drive-through to be its most effective, they have lab and imaging capabilities for COVID line patients who may need those services.

Be part of the solution

Wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow and stay home. Social distancing is working, and if everyone commits to it long enough, we will flatten the curve! If you have flu symptoms, call 985-898-4001 to schedule a STHS Virtual Visit or call 866-230-1977 to talk to an Ochsner Nurse On Call.

Even with careful management of supplies and deliveries from the National Guard, we continue to source more supplies. Community businesses and organizations with equipment to donate can contact Materials Management at 985-898-4184.

St. Tammany Hospital Foundation welcomes your donations of gift cards to restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations and other small businesses. Drop by the foundation office (1127 South Tyler St., Covington), 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, or give online to the Disaster Relief Fund. The foundation is giving the cards to STHS colleagues to cheer them on and inspire them to keep up their heroic work.

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