Spring 2023 Urban Park Roundtable Coming to City Park

Photo courtesy of City Park Conservancy

NEW ORLEANS – On April 12 and 13, the Central Park Conservancy Institute for Urban Parks will take its Roundtable tour to New Orleans. The two-day Spring Urban Parks Roundtable will feature presentations by organizations from across the city, including the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission, City of New Orleans Department of Parks & Parkways, Sankofa Wetland Park & Nature Trail, Audubon Institute, Pontchartrain Conservancy and City Park Conservancy.

“The Urban Park Roundtable series is a critical advancement opportunity for park professionals and, as a leader of our region, being able to partner with the Central Park Conservancy to bring together local and national park practitioners is important to us,” said City Park Conservancy President and CEO Cara Lambright. “We made it a priority to offer our services, and spaces, for this season’s initiative and could not be more honored to be hosting.”

This spring’s theme, Reframing Resilience: Planning for the Unknown, will be the focus of the conversation as stakeholders look to collectively develop “next practices” in urban park management.

Agenda items and topics for discussion include Defining & Unpacking Resilience, Prioritization & Action Planning as well as site visits to Sankofa Wetland Park, Pontchartrain Conservancy and Audubon Nature Institute. Lambright, CPC Chief Philanthropy and Engagement Officer Casie Duplechain, NORD CEO Larry Barabino Jr., and Parks & Parkways Director Michael Karam will serve as speakers and facilitators.

Past Roundtable partners include Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and St. Louis’ Forest Park Forever. In total, 25 organizations from across the country will take part in the spring 2023 event.

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