EO Louisiana members share stories of core values at work in their organizations

Together We Grow

EO Louisiana, just like all chapters of the global Entrepreneur’s Organization, has always been a source of mutual support for business leaders, a community they can turn to for advice, inspiration and encouragement. Those three things are crucial for persevering…

Ben Zapata

My core values: Excellence / Ethics / Education The work that Omega does is on behalf of the client. So, when a hospital or business trusts Omega, they need to be able to trust us to represent them. We have…

Chad Perez

“Making a Mark” on COVID-19 Research EO Louisiana member Chad Perez Participates in Lifesaving Research Entrepreneurs’ Organization Louisiana member Chad Perez has always made an effort to embody the organization’s “Make a Mark” core value — not just at his…

Dr. Michelle Douglas

My core value: Inclusive and Positive School Culture We focus intentionally on the social-emotional and cognitive growth of faculty, staff and students in a safe school environment. Relationships are at the heart of all we do. We value celebration and…

Erik Frank

an EO louisiana exploration The Case for Core Values What they are and how they can transform your company culture It’s no secret that core values are living and breathing within Entrepreneurs’ Organization — each chapter of the worldwide peer-to-peer…

Kyle J. Remont

My core value: Quality An example of decision-making relating to the ‘Quality’ core value is when a project nearing completion is up against budget constraints. While budget is managed closely and is important to us, just as it is to…

Matt Slack

My core values: Communicate Honestly / Care / Strive for Excellence / Team One night, I received a call that no owner wants to get from their team, especially at 8:30 p.m. ‘I just dropped our client's brand-new projector from…

Mike Krass

My core value: Uphold the MKG Standard Our team recognizes that we have set a standard for the caliber of work with our clients. They come to expect certain quality standards because — you guessed it — we set that…

Neel Sus

My core value: Growth By ‘Growth,’ we mean the continuous improvement of the company, our clients and our employees. No matter how hectic things are, every month we make time for a soft skills lesson done individually, and then followed…

Tom Daly

My core value: Commitment to Continuous Learning Our company exists to help employers navigate the maze of employee benefit choices, with health insurance dominating that conversation. Because of that, we also work with tens of thousands of employees trying to…

Will Scott

My core value: Hungry Though we didn’t know it at the time, Search Influence was founded on Hungry. When we launched in 2006, no one was talking about SEO, let alone doing it at a professional level. In the time…

Spotlight on Entrepreneurs’ Organization



The vision of this global network is simple: to build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs by uniting and engaging current and future business leaders. Entrepreneurs’ Organization is for both experienced and new professionals seeking the opportunity to engage, learn and grow. In this special section, nine members of EO Louisiana share stories of success, failure and uncertainty and show us how they embody EO’s five core values:


Erik Frank

CEO, Your Nutrition Delivered • Corporate Wellness • EO Member Since 2016

Jude Olinger

CEO, The Olinger Group • Market Research • EO Member Since 2003

Todd Matherne

CEO, Renaissance Publishing • Magazine Publishing • EO Member Since 2007

Mike Krass

CEO, MKG Marketing • Digital Marketing • EO Member Since 2017

Eric Morgan

CEO, Morgan & Co. • Media Planning and Marketing • EO Member Since 2008

Joshua Loeske

CEO, Quality Sitework Materials • Law • EO Member Since 2011

Mark Lewis

CEO, Communiqué LLC. • Coaching and Consulting • EO Member Since 2013

Ray Areaux

Founding Member, Carver Darden, Koretzky, Tessier, Finn, Blossman & Areaux, LLC • Law • EO Member Since 2012

Will Scott

CEO & Co-Founder, Search Influence • Digital Marketing & SEO • EO Member Since 2015

Brandon Smith

Managing Partner, Flexicrew Technical Services • EO Member Since 2017 Managing Partner, Flexicrew Technical Services • EO Member Since 2017

Keith Naccari

Partner at Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC • Law • EO Member

A ‘Sink or Swim’ Deal

At EO’s DX18 Conference in Denver, entrepreneur Charlie Davis swam with the sharks to secure the deal of a lifetime.

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