Split Second Foundation to Host Fundraising Gala

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Mark Raymond Jr.

NEW ORLEANS  – The Split Second Foundation will host its annual fundraising event, the Show of Love Gala, on Nov. 4 at Generations Hall. 

“When you first experience a catastrophic spinal cord injury, you are told you’ll never walk again,” says the nonprofit’s founder, Mark Raymond Jr. “But we’re going to change that and it starts that night. A robotic exoskeleton suit is the future and gives our clients a chance to walk again. SSF wants to provide the most innovative technology for people living with paralysis and this is it. Can you imagine what it would be like to walk again after so many years? I can.”

Raymond created SSF after his own accident left him a C-5 quadriplegic. During his recovery, he became aware of the lack of resources available to people living with disabilities, especially those living with paralysis, amputation, or other neurological conditions like strokes. He wants to create programs and allocate resources for people living with disabilities — while breaking down physical, societal, nd research barriers. In its first three years, the foundation has opened the first inclusive fitness facility that fills that service gap that begins once insurance no longer covers therapy. 

“Anyone’s life can change in a split second from a catastrophic accident, stroke, or tragic event. The Show of Love Gala allows people to give something greater than themselves,” says Raymond. “And there are few greater gifts you can give than helping someone walk again.”

For more information about the gala, or to purchase tickets or volunteer, click here.


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