Specialized Aircraft Leasing Debuts in the Gulf South

Gracen Jules Cmyk


NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Gracen Jules, a New Orleans-based venture firm focused on aviation startups and aircraft transactions, announces today the launch of a specialized aircraft leasing program for flight schools, air charter operators, flying clubs and pilot partnerships.

The leasing program includes customized aircraft acquisitions, avionics upgrades, personalized lease terms and no capital contribution from the aircraft user.

“We’re committed to creating opportunities for fellow pilots and developing aircraft access solutions to keep our flying community in the air,” says Jay Taffet, founder of Gracen Jules. “It’s all about affordable and convenient access to aircraft to support both new pilot time- building and advanced flight opportunities”

Flight training in the United States has reached all-time highs due to pilot shortages and surging demand for private charter, with flight schools around the country wait-listing new student training and scrambling to build their fleets. Aircraft values across the industry have also spiked due to this demand and limited supply of training and advanced aircraft.

“Our focus is on the pilots and operators that have big demand for flight time, but lack the aircraft acquisition capital to stay in the air,” according to Taffet. “With this surge in pilot instruction, more training and advanced aircraft are needed quickly to facilitate flight operations and pilot proficiency, and we’ve attracted a great team of investors to our company to underwrite the critical aircraft supply needed to address this demand.”

More information on the aircraft leasing program is available at gracenjules.com.


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