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Revelry Labs is helping the region build better business

Over the past ten years, companies like Accruent and DXC Technology have demonstrated that existing tech companies can successfully expand and scale their operations in Greater New Orleans, but the recent big-dollar exits of local startups like Lucid and Levelset prove that the region is also a powerful incubator for homegrown innovation.

Revelry Labs is one such native tech company that’s seeing explosive growth and expanding its reach and services—as well as offering other companies the resources they need to transform big ideas into powerful operations. Founded in 2012, Revelry is a digital development firm specializing in design, engineering and technical business support. Revelry’s mission is to help businesses refine (or even redefine) their processes with thoughtful platform technology that allows them to achieve their maximum potential.

The award-winning technology and innovation studio boasts a staff of nearly 50 engineers, designers and product experts, and they’ve built an inventory of programs dubbed the Innovation Stack that allows quick and immediate customization for client-specific software. And it all started with CEO and founder Gerard Ramos believing in the region’s potential to become the next great tech hub.

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Ramos says that when he chose to launch his company in New Orleans, many of his investor peers were skeptical of the decision to move into South Louisiana rather than a major market like Los Angeles, New York or Austin. Ramos, who had left New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, was excited to return to his hometown and was willing to take his chances in the growing startup landscape. Those chances, he says, ultimately yielded tremendous benefits both for Revelry and the wider business community.

“In the beginning, we were hired guns bringing software engineering expertise to clients,” Ramos says. “Eventually, we expanded into full-stack delivery with product and design services. Nine years later, we’ve played a significant role in filling both talent and capital gaps in our region. From 2013 to 2016, we experienced significant growth, 1,156%, landing at #375 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the US. We’ve since more than doubled.”

For Revelry, contributing to a robust business marketplace isn’t just about the success of their own software engineering services. Another major facet is the Startup Studio, a one-stop shop that assists budding ventures at every stage of business development, from transforming an idea into a sustainable business model to organizing finances and seamlessly entering a company’s chosen market.

“We focus on problems rather than ideas,” says Ramos of the studio, which uses a rigorous feasibility analysis so that the best, most viable opportunities emerge, having been significantly de-risked.

To date, Revelry has already built custom software for more than 100 new companies. Their portfolio includes Gilded, a developer of ERP software solutions for businesses to integrate digital assets into their finance, HR and accounting functions; Fillogic, which aims to transform the physical retail ecosystem by optimizing labor costs; and ROAM, a tech-enabled RV campground.

Additionally, Revelry actively invests capital in early-stage founders through the Venture Partners prong of its business model. In conjunction with the Startup Studio, their seed-stage VC fund assists the next generation of category disruptors with what Ramos says is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business while serving as a bridge to established ecosystems like Silicon Valley.

“We invest in startup founders before their ideas are obvious. We provide teams with a platform of technology and product development resources so they can bring products to market quickly. We connect those founders to talent and capital to help scale into the next leg of the journey.”

And this support isn’t limited to just funding. Through their managed apprenticeship program, Ramos says they aim to “bridge the gap between education, boot camps, and the workforce” by providing new engineers, designers and product managers hands-on experience.

Ramos says that when it comes to the local tech industry, the successes of regional companies like Lucid, Levelset and Turbosquid are wins for the entire business community. These history-making advancements are just further evidence that setting up shop in Greater New Orleans is more reward than risk.

“Many of these companies were founded by friends of ours, who like us, made a bet on New Orleans,” Ramos says. “There will be many more to come that Revelry will be here to support, invest and build alongside every step of the way. Our mission is to unleash human potential.”