Skincare Company Pivots to Hand Sanitizer

UnnamedAmidst feelings of anxiety, mourning, frustration and uncertainty, the founders of Amber House, a New Orleans-based skincare company, wanted to find something positive to do for the community.

“We started to think what good can we offer in this time,” says Gregory Dorado, Amber House’s creative director. “We kept hearing from people who wanted to help nurses, doctors and first responders.”

In an effort to provide the New Orleans community with much-needed health and safety supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amber House is partnering with local Roulaison Distilling Company in order to offer hand sanitizer in 4 oz reusable glass spray bottles. It’s made following World Health Organization guidelines and is 80% ABV (alcohol by volume).

The company also included a “Pay-It-Forward” option where your purchase will be added to its ongoing donations to medical workers on the front lines.

“This was a one-two punch,” says Andrew Ward, the company’s CEO. “It’s provides an avenue for people to help.”

Amber House is partnering with Crescent Care, a New Orleans health clinic, to provide their staff with community supported donations of hand sanitizer.”

“We were already working with Crescent Care,” Dorado says. “We respect what they do for the community as they won’t turn anyone away simply because they can’t pay for services.”

Amber House creates body care products that are made by hand using minimal plant-based ingredients and simple methods of folk plant medicine. The organization offers an array of natural body products including salves and lip care. Packaging is made from low impact materials.

“We are dedicated to nourishing people and protecting our ecosystem,” says Dorado. “We have a mutual reciprocity with the planet, a responsibility of care for our community, and a deep love for creating simple offerings to nourish the body.”

When the need arose for sanitizer, the partners were preparing bottles for its toner.

“So, fortunately, when we came up with the idea for sanitizer, we had the glass bottles on hand,” says Ward. “Now it would be hard to find them.”

The other day was Dorado’s birthday, which would traditionally have been celebrated with a southern fried chicken and champagne extravaganza.

“This year it will be muted a bit with social distancing in place, but we will still have chicken and champagne,” says Ward.

Dorado believes during these trying times it’s important to step back a bit.

“It’s a balancing act,” he says. “We need to recognize the grief and mourning but keep moving forward. And we need to be available for our loved ones, family and friends. It’s a time for learning new skills — things like being there and being present.”

The business partners also hope during this time that people will begin to realize how important local small businesses are to our community.

“The community has been incredibly generous and seeing so many people help one another is truly inspiring,” says Ward.

Bottles of sanitizer can be ordered (and shipped nationwide) online at The company also offers local pick-up/delivery options for New Orleans residents.

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