Site Selection: Louisiana #4 In U.S. For Business Climate

NEW ORLEANS – Site Selection has ranked Louisiana #4 in the magazine’s 2015 Top State Business Climate Rankings. 

         It is the sixth consecutive Top 10 ranking for Louisiana in the annual Site Selection report and reinforces the state’s reputation as a top location for business investment and job creation.

         Just six years ago, Louisiana ranked #25.

         Site Selection bases its business climate ranking on a variety of factors. Half of the score results from a survey of corporate site selectors who are asked to rank the states based on their recent experience of locating facilities in them. The other 50 percent is based on an index that includes total new projects year-to-date, both overall and per capita, state tax burdens on new and established companies and performance in Site Selection’s annual Top Competitive States ranking.

         Site Selection’s Top 10 Top States for Business Climate 2015 include:


1 – Georgia

2 – North Carolina

3 – Kentucky

4 – Louisiana

5 – Texas

6 – Tennessee

7 – Ohio

8 – Utah

9 – Oklahoma

10 – Indiana


         Louisiana also ranked:


Executive Survey Rank            #13

Competitiveness Rank              #2

2014 New Plant Rank              #6

2014 New Plant Rank              #1

Per Capita

2015 New Plant Rank              #8

(Jan. – Aug.)

2015 New Plant Rank              #2

Per Capita (Jan. – Aug.)

Mature Firm Tax Index Rank    #10

New Firm Tax Index Rank        #2


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