Siemens, Marvel Comics Partner For Fire Prevention Week

NEW ORLEANS – This Fire Prevention Week, Siemens has partnered with Marvel Comics to create a special edition comic book to bring attention to the importance of fire communications technologies to help mitigate the danger that fires present, and improve the systems that warn and help occupants exit a building.

         In 2015, there were 1,345,500 fires and 3,280 civilian deaths in the U.S.

         Siemens has helped introduce a new approach to fire safety communications with its Intelligent Voice Communication System – a personalized fire safety system used for small- and mid-size buildings that include schools, retail spaces, movie theaters, churches, banquet halls, low-rise hotels, apartments and offices.

         Comprehensive, cost-effective and compact, Siemens Intelligent Voice Communication, available on both the Desigo Fire Safety and Cerberus PRO portfolios, are more than a voice enabled fire system, Siemens reps said. In a single enclosure, it offers fast, reliable detection, complete operator control and intelligent communications for fire, mass notification, and other emergency and non-emergency uses, they said.

         Siemens Intelligent Voice Communication delivers to small and mid-sized buildings technology, once reserved only for high-end facilities, with industry-leading intelligibility, the ability to localize emergency and non-emergency messages to different parts of your building and remote diagnostics for time and cost-saving maintenance.

         Siemens reps said before this kind of technology was introduced, these types of buildings often relied on technology that was designed for much larger structures, which presented a host of issues when retrofitted.

         Iron Man, Captain America and Siemens Intelligent Voice Communication System have teamed up to save the day in “The Avengers: A Cause for Alarm.:

         View the comic book here



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