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Ingrid Rinck, CEO


“Diet is about doing it right most of the time and having fun some of the time.”

So says Ingrid Rinck—and she should know. Rinck is the creator of Sensible Meals, the largest meal prep company in the country. Based in Mandeville, Rinck built an eight-figure business from her home.

She worked as a personal trainer for twenty years, but her emphasis on nutrition came from her family: in 2014, her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Rinck pored over every fact she could find on nutrition. Out of that dedication came Sensible Meals, a company focused on helping its clients reach optimal health.

Sensible Meals has grown from a one-kitchen operation to a six-kitchen business with a preparation facility and over 1200 employees. The packaged meals created there are freshly prepared and preservative-free. The food produced is healthy and good fuel for bodies.

Rinck is a socially-conscious woman—both her business and philanthropy focus on helping others. Rinck founded the Leading Ladies League, two groups of “ladies that lunch,” located in Mandeville and New Orleans. The women dress up to a theme set for a once-monthly lunch, and all proceeds generated by the group’s lunch are donated to a women’s charity.

Last but not least, Rinck teaches at her studio, Built by Ingrid Rinck, where the classes of free of charge but donations are encouraged. The money raised at the studio goes to Type 1 diabetes-based charities, as well as funds to send children to diabetes camps each summer.
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