Secure Your Spot At The 2016 Panama Business And Tourism Summit

NEW ORLEANS – On Thursday, Oct. 13, and Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, Panama Gateway International Association, Inc. will host its inaugural international business summit, Focus Forward 2016, in New Orleans.

         Focus Forward 2016, presented in partnership with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana and Greater New Orleans, Inc., will highlight the rich history of New Orleans and Panama with speakers and topics designed to integrate the economic and social aspects of doing business through the Gateways to the Americas.

         The summit will feature four daily panel discussions, and includes a daily luncheon with keynote speakers from among Panama’s attending representatives and New Orleans’ industry leaders.

         All monies raised will help Panama Gateway and its partners provide programs and services, which foster ties between New Orleans and Latin America as well as the expansion of New Orleans’ Hispanic cultural and economic footprint abroad.

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