Sarah Chambless Federer

And Her Essential Oils Diffuser Jewelry
Cheryl Gerber
Sarah Chambless Federer never leaves home without wearing her oil diffuser jewelry. She loudly beats the drum for the advantages of wearing oil diffuser jewelry explaining that she wears it to combat stress and fatigue and to promote feelings of peace and relaxation. Sarah also emphasizes that people have been using essential oils in diffuser jewelry for thousands of years because of its incredible health benefits. She exercises her entrepreneurial spirit by being an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils. All of the jewelry photographed for this Biz blog was made by Chauntel Federer, Sarah’s mother in law, who sells it at jewelry shows, craft markets and online through her successful Etsy shop named Simply in Joy Co.

Sarah Chambless Federer’s style includes always wearing oil diffuser jewelry. "Oil diffuser jewelry is much more than just a fashion statement,” she says. “The jewelry holds essential oils, which people have been using for thousands of years for incredible health benefits. It has a pleasant aroma but also serves a dual purpose. I wear my oil diffuser jewelry to combat stress and fatigue and to promote feelings of peace and relaxation.”

A busy career woman and entrepreneur, Sarah is a communications strategist for Gambel Communications, which has offices in New Orleans and Mandeville. In addition, her historic craftsman-style home near Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville is a bed and breakfast called Blue Heron, and she is an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils. Sarah and Steven, her husband who is the third generation owner of the iconic New Orleans East restaurant Deanie’s on Hayne at 7350 Hayne Boulevard, have two children: Zoe, two years old, and Gabriel, five months old.

Sarah has served clients in nearly every industry imaginable since she joined Gambel Communications in 2013. She currently manages the company’s Mandeville office. “I have been fortunate to work with a variety of incredible clients, including some of the most iconic brands in the region,” she says. “Working in a boutique-size public relations agency with a group of incredibly talented women has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

“As a communications strategist, I think of myself as a professional ‘connector.’ I am in the business of creating relationships for my clients, both with the media and in the community and helping clients strategically and effectively communicate with key audiences.”

A native of New Orleans, Sarah grew up grew up in downtown Covington where her parents, Linda and Don Chambless, own a bed and breakfast called Camellia House. “My parents purchased their home in Covington when I was three years old,” she explains. “It was a 75-year-old craftsman style home with tons of charm, but it needed a lot of work. I remember growing up in the midst of constant renovation projects. When I was around 10 years old, my parents officially opened Camellia House, renting out one of the rooms in our house. Growing up in a B&B was a really unique experience. I was constantly surrounded by fascinating people from all over the world. My parents are the epitome of Southern hospitality, so I like to say I learned from the best. I always knew that one day I would like to have a bed and breakfast of my own. The dream came true when my husband and I opened Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast in August of this year.”

When she puts on her hat as an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, she is quick to credit Chauntel Federer, her mother-in-law, for almost all of the diffuser jewelry she wears. “Her jewelry is unique and it’s a big hit at the jewelry shows and craft markets where she sells it, although the majority of her jewelry is sold online through her successful Etsy shop called Simply in Joy Co.”

Sarah says she received her first diffuser necklace in 2014 from Dr. Erica Manger Hamburger at Wellness in Motion Chiropractic in Covington “The necklace is still a favorite and I have always been grateful to Dr. Hamburger for introducing me to oil diffuser jewelry.”




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