Sara Veltkamp Becomes Partner at Minerva Strategies


NEW ORLEANS — Minerva Strategies has announced that Sara Veltkamp has been named partner.

A company spokesperson said that Veltkamp, who also serves as a vice president of the company, has been critical to Minerva’s growth over the past decade and has driven efforts to focus on equity and belonging. Throughout Veltkamp’s time at Minerva, she has established systems, guidelines and elements of corporate culture that have allowed the company to smoothly transition to remote work. She has also led digital communications efforts, including the project management of Minerva’s new website. Veltkamp has undertaken this work while leading various key client relationships. Her efforts have helped organizations fight the stigma of opioid use disorders, bolster locally led climate resilience efforts, and support nurses’ initiatives to redefine their industry. Her day-in-day-out creativity, passion, and patience have made Minerva the company it is today

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