RYCARS Construction


(left to right) Arielle Burks- PR & Marketing Manager/Project Manager, Ryan Burks-President, Stephanie Burks- Vice President


RYCARS Construction, LLC, is a prime example of homegrown entrepreneurship. The company, which today is a locally-owned multi-state commercial roofing enterprise, began in the Burks’ family home.

Presently, RYCARS is capable of responding to any commercial roofing project task set before them. They’ve created their own fabrication facility for sheet metal with expert craftsmen. Their workers are skilled in carpentry, commercial roofing, sheet metal fabrication and installation, along with other abilities.

The company takes its position as a family business in the Greater New Orleans area seriously. Aside from the jobs created by their company, they support several charitable non-profits around the city. Son of a Saint, an organization that focuses on mentoring and developing fatherless boys, is a particular focus for them—and in 2018, Ryan Burks was appointed as one of the nonprofit’s board members. Stephanie Burks is the President of the Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization (BRAVO), which is the main and largest fundraising contributor to the New Orleans Ballet Association.

RYCARS is committed to the community, a value that is exhibited through their quarterly volunteering in and around New Orleans. The company focuses on community service efforts that create the most good for the city. RYCARS works to serve the local community in partnership with volunteer organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank and Ozanam Inn.

RYCARS strives to remain true to its mission—and to its commitment to future growth. In 2019, the company plans to expand its office operations to Texas and Florida. After sixteen successful years, RYCARS has laid a solid foundation that will keep them around for decades to come.


503 Coleman Place
Kenner, LA 70062
504-305-5309 · rycars.com



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