RYCARS Construction, LLC

Giving Back Company

RYCARS partners with Son of a Saint for an annual lunch and learn day.


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As a commercial roofing company with over 75 years of collective roofing experience, RYCARS knows that a roof is a building’s first line of defense against all types of weather. To that end, they have mastered innovative roofing solutions that ensure long-lasting structural success for clients. The RYCARS team is comprised of highly qualified and extensively trained professionals who have experience with all roofing systems and manufacturers. The company offers safe, professional and reliable commercial roofing and construction experiences for clients while building a durable, well-insulated roof that provides the protection clients seek.



The RYCARS family values both the community it is in and the communities it serves. Since its founding, the company has prioritized philanthropy, giving back and serving the communities that support its work whenever possible. From providing monetary backing for local nonprofits to working directly to provide job opportunities to people within Greater New Orleans, RYCARS aims to build and strengthen the community to the benefit of all. The RYCARS team is particularly passionate about and proud of its work with ex-offenders, which has contributed to the area’s decreasing recidivism rate.



With an emphasis on monetary contributions and volunteer practices, RYCARS and its employees have worked with and supported several organizations in the New Orleans and Atlanta areas, including Son of a Saint, BRAVO, Orchid Society, Second Harvest Food Bank, Ozanam Inn, Meals on Wheels and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The company sponsors quarterly volunteer days with local market nonprofits and charitable organizations to encourage their workers and families to stay active in growing their local communities.



RYCARS aims to provide innovative, professional and reliable roofing solutions and construction services while maintaining a deep-rooted focus on safety and quality.


Ryan E. Burks, President, explains roof details to Son of a Saint mentees.