Rusovich Foundation Donates $100K to Youth Empowerment Project

Photo courtesy of the Youth Empowerment Project

NEW ORLEANS — The Rusovich Foundation has announced a direct $100,000 donation to the Youth Empowerment Project as part of the NOLA Coalition’s pledge to raise $5 million per year for youth services over three years for a total of $15 million invested in high-impact New Orleans nonprofits. This support is in response to the coalition’s pledge to invest in positive generational change for young people in New Orleans.

“We are pleased to provide the Youth Empowerment Project with this contribution,” said Greg and Suzanne Rusovich. “They are one of the premier organizations working with kids ages seven-to-25 in neighborhoods throughout our community. They support and empower these kids to reach their potential and realize their dreams. And this comes at a perfect time as YEP is expanding to New Orleans East. We were inspired by the recent call to action put out by the NOLA Coalition and encourage others to join us in this call to action for our future – our children.”

The funds were provided directly to YEP, and will immediately be used to support the organization’s activities and services in the local community. Additional contributions to youth services providers are welcome, and updates can be shared with The NOLA Coalition to ensure they are recorded as part of the $15 million goal.

“Greg and Suzanne Rusovich are longstanding supporters of Youth Empowerment Project (YEP),” said Melissa Sawyer, co-founder and CEO, Youth Empowerment Project. “Because of their recent donation, YEP will be able to expand our comprehensive services and reach more young people this year.  We are beyond grateful.”

YEP engages young people through “community-based education, mentoring, employment readiness, and enrichment programming to help people aged 7-24 develop skills and strengthen ties to family and community.” 

The coalition said that nearly $1.2 million of the first $5 million for youth services has been raised.  Local, as well as national, sources are in discussion for further investment to help scale critical services in New Orleans to drive generational change.

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