Roselle McGrain

With A Bit Of Green Hair To Liven Up Her Style
Cheryl Gerber
Roselle McGrain is a fashionista who enjoys wearing a pop of color in her hair as an expression of her personal style. A hair stylist who works as an independent consultant to hair salons in three states for distributor Modern Salon Services, she has added pink, yellow, purple, blue and emerald green as accent colors to her hair from time to time. Roselle is wearing a bold, geometric print dress from H&M and rubber boots to complement the emerald green streak in her hair.

Roselle McGrain isn’t afraid to add a bit of color to her hair to liven up her style. “I find it interesting to add an accent color to my hair for a change of pace,” she says. “Pink, yellow, purple, and blue are all colors I have sampled.”

And why not, since Roselle is a hair stylist by trade and an expert when it comes to hair products, including hair color. Roselle is an independent consultant to hair salons in three states for Modern Salon Services, a distributor committed to representing an array of high-end, high-profile, and salon-exclusive lines. Naturally, she also knows all about the latest hair fashion trends. “Fun color accents are in and a wonderful way to liven up your hair; if you don’t want to have a full head of pink hair, why not just try an interesting streak of the color?”

Right now her added color is emerald green. “I really didn’t do it just for St. Patrick’s Day,” she says. “It just happened that the day to celebrate everything green occurred after I had added the color.” Now a resident of Gentilly, which she calls the new, hip and affordable residential area of New Orleans, she attended Ursuline Academy, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and University of New Orleans. She moved to California after Hurricane Katrina, but her love of New Orleans drew her back within a year.

“I met my husband, Erick Lewis, when he was visiting New Orleans. He soon moved here and we became a couple. Later we moved to Austin, married in Las Vegas, and after a few years, we were drawn to move back to New Orleans. We have never regretted our move and now that we have two children, Eloise, 4, and Clovis, 18 months, we are happy to be in such a kid-friendly city, not to mention we love the music, food and joyful spirit of most of the residents.”

It isn’t a surprise that Roselle ended up in cosmology school while she was living in Austin, since she had always loved everything about hair fashion. “I have consistently been adventuresome when it comes to what I do with my hair,” she says. “However, I am careful to always take good care of my hair and this is why I feel I am a good ambassador for proper hair care products.”

How often does she add an accent color to her hair? “I don’t have a schedule; I just do whatever feels right at the moment, and I know I have done something interesting when Eloise says, ‘I like your hair, Mommy.’” And what color does she usually use for Mardi Gras? “I wear a wig on Mardi Gras Day,” she quickly answers. “It is definitely the best day of the year for wigs. While big hair is always fashionable in New Orleans, to have hair that is eye-popping for Mardi Gras it’s fun to wear a wig.”

A young fashionista, Roselle enjoys shopping for clothes. “I am quick to admit that H&M is my favorite place to shop since Erick is one of the managers of the French Quarter store,” she says. “Prices are always great and, for good measure, Erick gets a discount when he shops for me.”

A big fan of thrift shops in the New Orleans area, her two favorites are Bridge House and the Goodwill on Tulane Avenue. “My best thrift shop find was a $10 Marc Jacobs skirt,” she says with the pride of a lottery winner.

One thing is certain, Roselle knows how to create her own unique style — from a pop of color in her hair to a bargain find in a thrift store and the latest in fashion from H&M. “I simply feel confident doing my own thing,” she says, as she shows off her fashion-forward bold, geometric print dress, blue rubber boots and the emerald streak of green in her hair.



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