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Rosalind Thibodeaux, Broker

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Life is made up of chapters, and perhaps no one knows that better than Rosalind Thibodeaux, Broker at Thibodeaux Reed Realty and New Orleans City Council District B hopeful. The Council candidate and real estate broker reflects candidly on her non-traditional pathway, from early days as a rebellious teen and young adult, to a more responsible student and employee, before arriving at devoted mother with a drive to serve.

“My success came because there was no other choice—I was tired of letting people down, and I wanted my children to have someone they could be proud of,” says Rosalind. Today, Rosalind calls herself the most rewarded Realtor, not because of her list of professional accomplishments but because of her ability to be there for her children and family.

“My children influence how I guide others,” says Rosalind. “I lead in a way that I want them to lead. I follow when I should, admit when I am wrong, and don’t take on more than I can handle. I am honest before all else.”

Rosalind’s new chapter in politics began in storybook fashion with a strange encounter with a generous homeless man at a Mardi Gras parade. What happens next? She looks forward to finding out.

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