Research Park Corporation Rebrands as Nexus Louisiana

Nexuslogopacket2021 Iso Horizontal

BATON ROUGE – Research Park Corporation is rebranding with the trade name Nexus Louisiana, accompanied by a subsequent rebrand of the Louisiana Technology Park, which will now be identified as the Nexus Louisiana Tech Park. These new brand expressions have been developed to bring greater synergy and connection between the two brands, in addition to strengthening both brands’ identities as Louisiana-based companies. 

The name that is now shared by both brands, Nexus, is a reflection of the organization’s role as a connector and a convening point for technology-driven entrepreneurs, community leaders, capital providers, and other ecosystem partners. 

The renaming of the two companies is being reinforced with updated logos that have stronger visual similarities, which will improve their connection to one another, providing overall greater brand synergy. The unifying element of both logos, the cube, is representative of Nexus Louisiana’s commitment to building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem for the state of Louisiana.

“As Nexus Louisiana has grown to be the central identity for our organization, we realized that it and the Louisiana Technology Park needed to be brought closer together as a cohesive brand,” said Connor Tarter, director of marketing and communications for Nexus Louisiana.

“These new brand expressions tie Nexus Louisiana and the Nexus Louisiana Tech Park together with a more consistent design language, color palette, typeface, and of course name,” he said. “We believe that this will help both entrepreneurs and the general public recognize Nexus Louisiana as the unifying entity behind the Tech Park and all of the great programs we’ve managed over the years.”

The new brands will be rolled out over the course of a few months, beginning with Nexus Louisiana’s digital properties, followed by updates to physical applications of the branding over time.


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