Ready for Change

Elected leaders need to be prepared from day one.

Remember the 18th of November. It is the day we finalize our New Orleans governmental leadership team for the next four years.  All that’s left on the ballot to vote for is mayor and council districts B and E, then the team of eight elected leaders will be formed.

This is too important. After the decision is made, that team needs to get started on planning immediately. Going forward, we need to get this right.

We must begin the long transition process by forming a plan and strategy and tackle our city’s issues starting on day one. We have so many opportunities for positive change in New Orleans, and using the next four months in transition can only help the team of eight begin implementing a united plan of action from the get-go.

New Orleans has transitioned so many times during the past 300 years. Let’s make this next transition one that no one ever forgets. Let this be the one that got it right. There is no better time than right now.


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