RaceTrac Debuts Enhanced Benefits For 600+ LA Employees

NEW ORLEANS – Atlanta-based RaceTrac, which has more than 400 stores across Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas and employs more than 600 Louisiana-area residents, has recently debuted newly enhanced benefits, including an employee pay increase and new parental leave policy.

         “More than 80 percent of our team members provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about our unique, fun culture,” said Allison Moran, CEO of RaceTrac. “However, some opportunities also came to light. Our Store Support Center (SSC) team members expressed a desire for revised leave policies while our retail teams shared insights on compensation, dress code, staffing structure and on-the-job perks. We took action and created an internal HR taskforce to drive policy changes that addressed the feedback specific to each group.”

         RaceTrac’s internal taskforce spent the last year researching, then introducing a variety of upgraded benefits for its SSC and retail teams across Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. These enhanced benefits reflect each group’s feedback, including parental and bereavement leave for SSC team members and increased compensation, an updated dress code policy, revised staffing structure and food discount program for retail team members, RaceTrac reps said.


Enhanced SSC Benefits:


         RaceTrac’s SSC team members shared that they needed more time away from work when major life events occurred so that when they returned to the office, they were able to bring their best selves to work. Effective May 16, RaceTrac implemented parental and bereavement leave policies to deliver on SSC employees specific needs and wants in the workplace:


• Parental Leave: SSC team members will have access to paid parental leave after one year of service. Primary caregivers are eligible for 8 weeks of paid leave at 100 percent while secondary caregivers are eligible for 2 weeks of paid leave at 100 percent.


• Bereavement Leave: All SSC team members will receive one to three days of 100 percent paid bereavement leave following the death of a family member.


Enhanced Retail Benefits:


         Meanwhile, RaceTrac’s retail team members responded to the 2014 survey sharing their desire for updated compensation, more opportunities to express their individuality, scheduling flexibility and fun perks like discounted food. RaceTrac reps said they set out to address each concern and debuted multiple new policies to deliver on retail employees’ desires:


• Increased Compensation: Effective March 15, retail associates became eligible to earn between $9.50 and $10.25 an hour. This represents a $.50 – $1.25/hour increase across RaceTrac’s entry-level associates.


• Updated Dress Policy: Also in March, RaceTrac launched an updated dress policy that allows body art (as long as it is not explicit or visible on the face or neck) and khaki-colored bottoms can now be pants, capris or shorts. Maintaining a clean, professional appearance will continue to be enforced while allowing retail teams to display their individual personalities.


• Staffing Restructure: In December 2015, RaceTrac revised its store scheduling structure. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, store managers now have the discretion to staff their stores reflective of their location’s guest traffic and sales trends. This new structure has resulted in RaceTrac adding more full-time associate positions.


• Discounted Meals: Also in Q4 of last year, RaceTrac rolled out a food discount program giving retail team members a 40 percent discount on RaceTrac branded items. Whether they want a delicious hot dog, are looking for some “get-up-and-go” up with a Left Hook energy drink, enjoying a fruit cup or savoring some Swirl World frozen treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their in-store shifts.


• Bereavement Leave: A bereavement leave solution for RaceTrac’s retail team members is currently in the works, with a launch expected in Q3.


         RaceTrac reps said these enhanced policies are in addition to the many benefits currently available to RaceTrac team members, including scholarship programs, wellness events, free drinks in RaceTrac stores and a fun-loving company culture that fosters growth and collaboration from its employees.

         “RaceTrac’s goal is to be an employer of choice that identifies, develops and retains strong, well-trained, servant leaders,” said Whitney Woodward, VP of Human Resources at RaceTrac. “These enhanced, unique benefits align with our mission of making people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable as we reward our team members for their hard work via more work/life flexibility, updated compensation and staffing structures, food discounts and opportunities to express their individuality.”

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