Publisher’s Note: The Cost of Freedom

This month, we celebrate the nation’s birthday with picnics, barbeques and fireworks. Our family has always been a big celebrator of the Fourth of July.

When Andréa and I were first married 30 years ago, we found the love of this day from our family friends the Dantin’s who annually celebrated with a big blow out party at their home. When they ended this tradition we picked it up and continue to carry it on.

But on our nation’s birthday month, I want to use this space to highlight the cost of freedom and I do not mean money. In November of last year, we celebrated our daughter Malayne and now-son-in-law Jake’s marriage, through which our family has been introduced to the traditions of military life. Jake is a Navy pilot from a military family and just last month returned from a deployment tour overseas. It was his second deployment and there will be more to come.

The cost I am talking about is the separation families go through all over the country with so many of our soldiers deployed all around the world. The cost is the sacrifice the solider feels being away from their family for so long and the family members at home operating a household and praying for a safe return of their loved one. Just think back to January and relive all of what you have done and experienced in life — now imagine doing it without your partner.

Jake, welcome home. I know you and Malayne have missed each other greatly and have some birthdays and other events to celebrate that were missed — enjoy.

Thank you, and all service men and women and their families, for the sacrifice y’all make for our nation.


Todd Matherne