Publisher's Note: Quarterly Family Time

As you may know, Andrea and I have three daughters very close in age and they are our lives. We would do anything for them.

So last year when one of our daughters moved out of town, I made a personal goal to make sure our family gets together at least each quarter during the year to laugh and spend some good face to face time together.  

Last month, during Mardi Gras, we all visited Malayne in Virginia Beach and endured five days of cold and rainy weather. But the weather was not why we were there.  In the age of FaceTime, social media and text messaging you can stay in touch instantly and be kept up to date, but nothing replaces a personal visit — the time when you can all enjoy a meal together and laugh in the same room over the same crazy stuff, which is usually something I said or did. These kinds of memories are so much more impactful than what you get on an iPhone and something Andrea and I continue to focus on with our girls.

Family is No. 1 to us, so now we begin planning for our second quarter get-together. May we have more laughs because of me.

Todd Matherne