Publisher’s Note: New Times Equal New Offerings

Biz June.indd

As I write this month’s publisher’s note in mid July, we are forecasting and planning for the fall and end of the year, while also beginning to work on our plan for 2021.

Last month, we began making adjustment to staff, office space and workflow in order to make our business more streamlined and efficient, as well as develop a more robust business plan. Like you, everything is being evaluated as we ask ourselves how we can work smarter and creatively execute new ideas to extend to our readers our award-winning content.

I’m proud to say we have now added podcast and video interviews in order to offer our readers a new way to hear and see the people making news in New Orleans. We have also revamped our websites, so I invite you to visit and to check out the latest and greatest in business, and life in general, here in Southeast Louisiana.

For the most part, the teams at Renaissance Publishing continue to work from home and gather weekly on Zoom meetings to share ideas and update each other on workflow as we all endeavor to move forward together.

Be safe, and hope to see you soon in person.

Todd Matherne