Publisher’s Note: Moving Forward

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AS WE ENTER JUNE AND THE PHASE REOPENINGS begin, all I keep thinking is how we need to move forward and bring the best of what we learned with us — in all aspects of our lives.

For businesses, as we reopen our stores, restaurants and offices, we need to make our staff and customers feel welcome and safe as they visit so they feel comfortable and return. That initial visit will earn a customer for life with a great positive experience.

Individually, even with the stay-at-home orders ending, we still need to be cautious and use common sense as we go about our daily lives. From now on, we will always wash our hands often and be cautious of the things we touch and how close we get to people. These are just a few simple steps we can do to keep ourselves, and those around us, safe.

For me, I’ll also be bringing a renewed focus on faith and family with me into this new normal. I now love being able to stream 7 a.m. mass and start my day in prayer, as well as spend real quality time with family — even if it means it has to be on Zoom.

Todd Matherne

P.S. On a different note, we are now doing wedding-redo from April. As I wrote in April, we were all excited to head off to Austin for our daughter’s destination wedding and here we are in June ready to do it all over again. No matter what, Austin or NOLA, this month Mallary and Ryan will celebrate matrimony and begin their lives together as one. They are moving forward.