Publisher's Note: Midyear…But Not Midway on Business

If, like ours, your business uses the calendar year as your business cycle, June marks half your year. But for us, it is not half our work or performance. Renaissance Publishing —the parent company of Biz New Orleans —is a third and fourth quarter all hands on deck company.  

In addition to Biz New Orleans, we produce eight other regular titles and an additional 21 custom magazines for other businesses and organizations. The majority of that work is produced from September to December each year. We are the proud publishers of Saints GameDay magazine, among many other great custom titles.

So, for the few months of summer we hope to enjoy some family vacations and time in the sun, knowing that come Labor Day, we have a lot to accomplish to finish out our year strong.

All businesses have cycles; some capitalize on the spring fever of festivals, while others gear up now for the benefits of summer sun. We enjoy the fall of football and the spirit of the holidays for our push to the end of the year.
Whatever your season of work may be, make it happen, and enjoy the other seasons as you prepare for the next go-round.


Todd Matherne