Publisher’s Note | Bright Spots

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With the start of September, we should be excited as schools start up again and football and fall festivals commence — all things that seemed promising back in March when everyone was thinking, “Let’s get through COVID-19, there are brighter days in front of us.”

Yet, here we are approaching Labor Day and we’re still wondering what to do about school, looking at whether people can gather in groups and hoping for brighter days ahead.

These past six months have been tough, and if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to the days when things are back into focus. There have been bright spots along the way, however, like my daughter getting married in June. We managed to catch things right between when the venues opened in Texas and when they were closed back down. It was perfect timing, and by God’s grace it happened on a beautiful weekend.

Here at Renaissance Publishing, we have launched two podcasts, along with new contests and newsletters, as well as published a new cookbook and improved our daily efficiency through the use of technology and the hard work of our staff, all while working remotely and planning for fall redesigns of our titles.

Until that day comes when we can host an event that brings us all back together, I urge you to keep up the fight and keep focusing on the bright spots.

Todd Matherne