Publisher’s Note: Back to the Dome

It’s finally here. Since Jan. 20, I — along with all of the Who Dat Nation — have been waiting for September and another chance to battle for a Super Bowl.

Do you know it has been 10 years since XLIV? This season Super Bowl LIV is Feb. 2, 2020 in Miami — the same place we won it last time. Can you say, “Return to Miami?” That should be the Saints slogan this year.

We have been so close for the last two years; It’s time for us to remove the “X” off our backs and get back to a Super Bowl that has no “X” in the roman numerals, only the same letters as our last appearance. It’s the first sign of karma that this is our season.

I love football — especially the Saints. I game up for Sundays. I just love being in the Dome for home games — sitting on your couch is just not the same. Every season ticket holder has a Dome family, those surrounding Saints Fans that celebrate with you, and I miss mine.

New Orleans is just a better place in the fall, and I don’t mean just the weather. Saints fever is upon us — around town, company black and gold days are back and the city just has a different swagger about it.

Welcome back fall and football.


Todd Matherne