Publisher’s Note

A Whole Year

Here we are, 12 months since the declaration of a national pandemic emergency.

On March 13, 2020, just like you we packed up our desk, any needed documents and computers, and moved to a work-at-home environment. For me, I originally looked at this situation like a hurricane interruption, thinking that we would be gone for a few days and then right back to the office. Soon it was very clear that was not the case.

This has been far more disruptive to business than Hurricane Katrina, 15 years ago. Fortunately, we have been able to regroup as a business and work remotely to keep the operations moving forward, as well as our mental spirits. I applaud the staff for being creative, embracing technology and creating systems that work.

Over this past year, so much has changed, and in some cases, for the best. This is not to take the pandemic lightly; it has really taken its toll on everyone, but business is now forever changed, and we must accept and embrace this change.

What I personally have realized during this pandemic is I am not a good remote worker. I need a home life separate from work, so since June of last year I have been in the office daily, Zooming with staff and focusing on moving forward.

I see the light, and hopefully will see you soon — in person.

Todd Matherne