Progressive to Cover Food Delivery Temporarily

NEW ORLEANS – From Progressive:

As more and more states enact restaurant seating bans and restrictions to help deter the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many restaurants are moving to take-out or delivery-only service and may be asking their workers to deliver food using personal vehicles on an emergency/temporary basis

Although coverage for food delivery is currently excluded in our Personal Auto and Motorcycle contract, please know that we will temporarily modify enforcement of policy exclusions to provide applicable coverage for claims involving food delivery activity by our Personal Auto and Motorcycle customers.

This temporary modification will go into effect for claims occurring, Friday, March 20, 2020 through April 18, 2020. Please be aware that, in the event of a claim, a Progressive claims representative will determine coverage at the time a claim is filed.

We will monitor events during this time period to determine the need to extend or modify.
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