(both photos) The Port attends the annual NBAA schedulers and dispatchers conference to promote the Executive Regional Airport.
Vincent Caire, Airport Director, and Lisa Braud, Port Manager, are pictured.


Noranda Alumina Chairman and CEO David D’Addario (center) pictured with Paul Aucoin (L) and Roy Quezaire (R) at the Port’s Executive Regional Airport


Congressman Garret Graves (center) visits the Port’s Executive Regional Airport. Pictured with Executive Director Paul Aucoin (left) and Commission President Paul Robichaux (right).


River Parish Community College and Ascension Parish High School Principals & Administrators learn about Port operations. Deputy Director Roy Quezaire and Marine Operations Director Brian Cox led the presentation. Port employee Nyler Williams (far left) was also in attendance.


Members of Google’s Associate Product Manager program visit the Port to gain exposure to industries outside of their day-to-day work. Port employees Brian Cox (left), Lisa Braud (right) and Alex Hernandez (not pictured) spoke with the group.