Pontchartrain Vineyards

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, Pontchartrain Vineyards began pressing their red Cynthiana grapes. Vineyard Manager Abundio Arriaga pours the grape mash into the press where the pulp and skin is removed. The finished product will sit in a barrel for about a year and then in bottles for another six months before being sold.




Founded: 1991 by John Seago, current President is Lincoln Case
Known for: Only winery in Louisiana producing table wine exclusively from wine grapes.
Located: 20 miles north of Lake Pontchartrain in Bush, La.
Size: 15 acres – grow white Blanc du bois and red Cynthiana grapes
Production: average 2,500 cases per year – currently about 10 varieties of wines
Best seller: Dah Red (Cabernet and Syrah) Roux St. Louis (off dry wine)