Pontchartrain Conservancy Announces 2021 Board of Directors

Pc Patricia Meadowcroft

Patricia Meadowcroft

NEW ORLEANS – The nonprofit Pontchartrain Conservancy has announced its 2021 board of directors.  Officers are Patricia Meadowcroft (chair), Marcia St Martin (vice chair), Ben Caplan (secretary) and Amy Cohen (treasurer). Directors are Michael Bagot III, Dickie Brennan, Carl Britt, Jean Champagne, Justin Gremillion, John Kinabrew, Martin Landrieu, John Alden Meade, Zoila Osteicoecehea, Natalie Robottom, LaVerne Toombs, David Waggonner and Robert Williamson.

The Pontchartrain Conservancy’s mission is to “drive environmental sustainability and stewardship through scientific research, education, and advocacy.”

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