Plume Expands Safe and Reliable Gender-Affirming Care to Louisiana

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DENVER – Plume, a health tech company built for the transgender community, is now available to Louisana residents seeking gender-affirming hormone therapy. Guided by a team that is mostly trans themselves, Plume provides trans folks with safe, expert, and affirming care through the convenience of a smartphone, while never having to step inside a doctor’s office. 

With more than 1.4 million trans-identified people in the US, the trans community is one of the most underserved communities when it comes to safe and accessible healthcare. Intensified by the Covid crisis, barriers to receiving reliable and affordable GAHT remain high. 

“Over 20 percent of trans folks delay health care for fear of discrimination and nearly 30 percent of trans people in urban areas buy medications off the street,” said Plume Co-founder and CEO Jerrica Kirkley. “Covid has intensified these barriers by adding to delays in care, often only available in large urban centers, and eliminating insurance coverage from growing unemployment.”

Plume removes these barriers by providing virtual access to a care team available for questions and guidance 24/7, regardless of insurance. For $99 a month, Plume physicians uniquely tailor plans to best achieve each member’s individual goals and provide virtual consultations, doctor appointments, checkups, prescriptions for hormone treatments, lab tests and surgery letters of support. 

“We know demand is high for individualized and guided gender-affirming care in Louisiana. We’re thrilled about our expansion into the state and our ability to provide the additional care, resources and support that the trans community needs and deserves,” added Kirkley.  

Plume is available to more than 86% of the trans population across the US and for anybody 18 years or older who desires medical hormone therapy to feel more in line with their gender identity. 

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