‘Plenty of Money’ Left in Main Street Recovery Grant Program

John Schroder
State treasurer John Schroder (AP Photo/Melinda Deslatte, File)

BATON ROUGE – During Friday’s meeting of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget, which includes members of the state House of Representatives and Senate, State Treasurer John Schroder discussed the Main Street Recovery Grant Program which reimburses small businesses for COVID-19-related expenses. The first batch of checks, totaling $177,174.24, have been sent out, he said.

He said almost $14 million of the fund is obligated, leaving more than $261 million still available. The program for the first three weeks was reserved for businesses that had not received federal aid. That’s no longer the case, though any federal aid received must have been spent.

“There’s plenty of money,” Schroder said.

Department of Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson said 240,000 people have applied for the $250 “hazard” payments for “essential” workers who worked outside their homes during the COVID-19 “stay at home” order. As of Friday, 69,000 payments worth $17 million had been approved and sent, she said. The program’s total budget is $50 million. 

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