PJ’s Coffee, N.O. Chamber Give Gift Cards to New Orleans Police Officers

Photo 1 Jones Jr Lindquist Officer Coleman Officer Forseman Officer Harper Lt Jenkins Matherne Hilsman
L to R: PJ’s Plant Manager and Chief Roastmaster Felton Jones Jr., New Orleans Chamber CEO Sandra Lombana Lindquist, NOPD Officer Chris Coleman, NOPD Officer Elizabeth Forseman, NOPD Officer Reese Harper, NOPD Officer Yolanda Jenkins, New Orleans Chamber Executive Committee Chairman Todd Matherne and New Orleans Chamber Vice President Ashely Hilsman.

NEW ORLEANS – PJ’s Coffee is partnering with the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce to donate $10,000 in PJ’s gift cards to officers. 

“We’re thrilled to kick off this campaign of kindness and show gratitude to our local officers at the height of the Mardi Gras season,” said Peter Boylan, president and CEO, Ballard Brands, the parent company of PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. “We love giving back to those that protect and serve all of us. Our goal is to show them how much they are valued.”

For Sandra Lombana Lindquist, the chamber’s president and CEO, the gift represents a small but visible effort to show support for officer retention. The chamber is a member of the NOLA Coalition formed earlier this year to tackle crime by supporting law enforcement personnel and the city’s at-risk youth.

“Partnering with PJ’s to offer coffee to police offers is a simple way to say thank you at an especially busy time of year,” Lindquist said. “New Orleans area businesses and chamber members appreciate all our local law enforcement officers do to keep us safe during carnival season, festivals, special events and every day of the year.”

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