Photo Gallery

J.C. Celestin, NASA Executive Lonnie Dutreix, Deputy COO, Cyndi Nguyen, Larry Johnson, Marc Leunissen, Lynnette White-Colin, Anthony Bridges

ENOBDD board members take a tour of NASA/Michoud Facility

Cyndi Nguyen, Larry Johnson, NASA/Michoud Employees

International Retail Convention (ReCon), Las Vegas, NV

Councilmember Nguyen with retail developer

Councilmember Nguyen, Lynnette White-Colin, Stephanie Bell, Annala Wills

Pervious Concrete demonstration at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

Brian Egana, Lynnette White-Colin, Mtumishi St. Julien, J. C. Celestin

Thomas Krumins, Lynnette White-Colin, Louis Livers, Nathan Lott, Kyle Culverhouse

CORE/ Livers Construction pervious concrete demonstration at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Site

The EAST Magazine Release Event

Attendees at The EAST winter publication magazine release event

Marc Leunissen, Cyndi Nguyen, Dwight Barnes

McDonald’s post-renovation grand opening

Coaxum Enterprises welcomed the local community to an “Experience of the Future”, where guests were invited to a “Remodel Reveal” at the Bullard Avenue McDonalds.

Pictured are: Sean Bruno, Troy Henry, Cyndi Nguyen, Karen Coaxum, Henry Coaxum, Larry Johnson and Mtumishi St. Julien.

Tangee Wall

Cyndi Nguyen and Lynnette White-Colin