Philadelphia-Based Contractor to Provide Security for Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Thumbnail Image001NEW ORLEANS – Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations, the management and operating contractor for the Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve, has awarded SOC, A Day & Zimmermann Company, a $123 Million contract to serve as the Protective Force (Proforce) for the Reserve with Critical Infrastructure Security Services. 

Day & Zimmerman, based in Philadelphia, announced the news this week in a press release. The privately held company with 150 locations worldwide specializes in construction, engineering, staffing and ammunition manufacture.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a supply of emergency crude oil used to alleviate the market impacts of both domestic and international disruptions caused by weather, natural disasters, labor strikes, technical failures/accidents, political disputes or conflicts. The SPR encompasses crude oil storage sites located across 

Day & Zimmerman said SOC now leads security for five U.S. Department of Energy sites, providing protection of personnel and facilities. 

“We are extremely proud to be chosen as the partner to Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations in safeguarding our nation’s mission-critical crude oil supply, as such an important component of the United States infrastructure,” commented Steve Selfridge, president of SOC in a release. “We are honored to fulfil this duty staying ahead of evolving threats with a preventative security posture, while bringing our fresh and proven perspective to drive continuous improvements.”

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