PeyBack Foundation Launches Xavier Scholarship Initiative

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NEW ORLEANS – In honor of longtime Xavier University of Louisiana President Dr. Norman C. Francis, the PeyBack Foundation is establishing the Dr. Norman C. Francis PeyBack Endowed Scholarship at Xavier, which will help deserving, underrepresented students access a quality education.

“I am so grateful that The PeyBack Foundation recognizes the value and importance of investing in underrepresented individuals,” said Dr. Reynold Verret, president of Xavier University of Louisiana. “Norman C. Francis was passionate about education during his 47- year tenure as president of Xavier, and he still is. This is a great way to honor his legacy and promote a more just and humane society through education, which is the core of Xavier’s mission.”

Peyton Manning, a New Orleans native and legendary NFL quarterback, and his wife Ashley Manning established the PeyBack Foundation in 1999 to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk. Since its inception, the foundation has provided millions of dollars in grants to various organizations and programs.

“I am very grateful to Peyton Manning for his extraordinary gift to Xavier University in my honor,” said Francis. “By helping Xavier, Peyton is making a positive impact on the lives of many talented and well-deserving students at a very critical time. As well, it helps Xavier’s mission to advance a more just and humane society.”

The Dr. Norman Francis PeyBack Endowed Scholarship will enable a qualifying sophomore student the ability to access up to $8,000 per year, which will follow the scholar for three years through their senior year.

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