Peterbilt of Louisiana Sales Manager Randal “Tiger” Meaux

A Face of the Trucking Industry’s Optimistic Future

Peterbilt of Louisiana, LLC, is a full-service, class six, seven, and eight truck center. The company offers new and used trucks and trailers for sale, as well as parts, service and body shop. Peterbilt covers South Louisiana with four locations in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and New Orleans.

As a trucking manufacturer, Peterbilt has been delivering premium quality heavy-duty trucks since the company’s founding in 1939. The company has maintained its enviable position in the market by concentrating on delivering high-performance, low-maintenance, and extremely durable vehicles that pay off in low operating costs, driver productivity, and high resale value.

“Peterbilt offers a high-quality product with incredible driver loyalty — key factors in the success of the trucking industry,” says Peterbilt Sales Manager Randal ‘Tiger’ Meaux.
”Customers attest to quality offered, citing they are able to hire and keep good drivers once they started purchasing Peterbilt trucks, ” said Meaux.

Meaux has been working for the company for seven years, and just celebrated five years as Sales Manager in Lafayette. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

After nine years in industrial material handling equipment sales, Meaux had a (very) short stint as a restaurant owner. “Once that was behind me, commercial truck sales was a phenomenal fit to my previous customer base.”

While Meaux personally has only been involved with LMTA for five years, his company Peterbilt has been participating for 25 years and counting.

“As a member of LMTA, we are provided the opportunity to understand the regulatory and legal issues facing the trucking industry,” Meaux says. “We can take that information and see if we can provide solutions to help our customers.”

Meaux is proud of recent accomplishments made possible by Peterbilt’s relationship with LMTA. He sees the biggest benefit of this relationship as, “quite simply…getting to know individuals personally.”

“In our fast-paced, electronic world, it’s easy to communicate without ever making eye contact,” says Meaux. “Through our partnership with LMTA, we get to visit with people face-to-face and discuss real-world issues in real-time.”

Meaux is particularly proud of the tremendously successful customer appreciation event held this summer in Pensacola. The event was enjoyed by customers and employees of Peterbilt alike and had music, food, and prizes.

“It was nice to show off some of our employees’ hidden talents,” Meaux says.

Meaux is feeling excited about the trucking industry’s future. “Having come off of two extremely tough years, 2018 should prove to be the highest number of class eight truck sales in history,” he says Peterbilt and Meaux are optimistically counting on that strong market to continue over the next few years.