Peter Mayer and Tijon Create King Cake-Inspired Perfume


NEW ORLEANS – Peter Mayer Advertising has partnered with the perfumery Tijon to design a new scent inspired by the Carnival season’s most famous treat, the king cake, and its signature trinket: the king cake baby.

“For decades, Peter Mayer has sent king cake care packages to clients and employees around the country,” said Peter Mayer CEO Michelle Edelman in a press release. “It’s always a warm and delicious reminder of the joyous spirit of New Orleans, so we thought, ‘Wow can we bottle up that delight and share it with everyone else? Who wouldn’t want to smell like king cake year round?’” 

Master baker Cara Benson, owner of Tartine bakery, also helped create the scent, which is titled Le Bébé. The fragrance has hints of “cinnamon and buttery pastry and is intended to evoke the warmth of a bakery when fresh cakes come sliding out of the oven,” said its creators.

“There are all sorts of Mardi Gras scents out there,” said John Berglund, Tijon’s founder and master perfumer. “There are soaps, sprays and candles, but I’ve never heard of a king cake perfume. It seems ridiculous, but it actually smells quite delicious.”

The fragrance is available for purchase at Tijon (631 Toulouse St.) and at through Mardi Gras Day on Feb. 21. 

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