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Greg Stock, CEO

“Our agility and ability to adapt to disasters or other unprecedented events, such as COVID-19, enables us to remain focused on our mission.”

Continuous commitment to provide safe, high quality care delivered with compassion

Thibodaux Regional Health System is the most preferred and trusted health care provider in the Bayou Region. Their patient-centered approach puts your care and safety first. They are continuously increasing the scope of services they provide, investing in state-of-the-art buildings and facilities, and providing the latest and safest medical technologies. From cancer care and heart care to sports medicine, rehabilitation, and much more, Thibodaux Regional’s award-winning care sets the standard for care, patient experience, innovative wellness services, community involvement and outreach. While COVID-19 presented a wide range of challenges to hospitals and care providers worldwide, Thibodaux Regional once again demonstrated the focus, care and compassion that have earned them numerous awards and honors, in addition to establishing them as one of the most renowned healthcare providers in Louisiana.

In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business during COVID-19?

Our staff and care providers are continuously engaged, and all leaders are focused on both short-term and long-term planning. We have continued recruitment of key physician specialties to meet the healthcare needs of the region, and also pushed for continuation of construction, so we’ve been able to make significant progress on building our four-story Cancer Institute. Additionally, we instituted leadership in several key areas of our organization to help us continue operating effectively and efficiently.

Are there any lessons you have learned? Any new technology you’ve embraced?

We’ve learned that certain organizational initiatives that we have implemented in the past have prepared our entire organization to perform well in unexpected situations, like pandemics or other disasters. Also, we learned that expertise (24/7) can be brought to support your experience. As for technology, we’ve embraced telehealth, which has emerged as a sound means of connecting and communicating with patients.

How have you maintained a sense of company culture?

We’ve maintained our culture by remaining calm, focused and reassuring. Many of our team members worked long hours, and cooperation amongst the staff was exemplary. Providing positive feedback has been essential for showing our appreciation for our staff and frontline workers. We placed positive signage throughout our hospital facilities and videoed messages of gratitude and support. We’ve tried our best to recognize the efforts and impact of our staff however we can, through gestures as simple as providing snacks and distributing thank you notes. Overall, continuous communication with all team members has been key. Communication has been extensive and ongoing to ease the concerns of our team members and keep them informed. We’re utilizing many different methods such as Zoom meetings and social media. We’ve also established a feedback mechanism for staff to easily ask questions and offer suggestions. We’re staying connected to the community as well by proactively keeping them informed.

Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

We certainly expect changes as we adjust to a new normal. Although we can’t know for sure what those changes will be, we are confident that we will be able to adapt. The volume of patients and the number of people utilizing our Wellness Center and Fitness Center may change. Some patients may still have inhibitions and concerns over visiting COVID-19 “places” like hospitals. Protocols and procedures will change as we continue to prioritize the safety of our patients and staff while maintaining our standard of excellence. We know that patients need to receive timely care for underlying illnesses or they may put themselves in a compromising position or at further risk. Moving forward, we will continue to embrace telehealth and remain deliberate and careful in our strategies. Our focus will always be patient-centered excellence.


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