Outdoor Sound and Light Show Debuts at WWII Museum

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Photo courtesy of the National WWII Museum

NEW ORLEANS — On Nov. 10, The National WWII Museum unveiled its newest attraction, Expressions of America, a nighttime sound and light show “celebrating the power of individual Americans to impact the world around them during a time of monumental conflict.”

Presented by Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, Expressions of America combines archival footage and personal reflections with cutting-edge technology and special effects.

“The show places viewers in the center of the war’s most epic and personal moments, immersing them in the experiences of the men and women who served our country in every way imaginable during World War II,” said a museum spokesperson.

“Expressions of America has been more than five years in the making, and we are thrilled to finally be able to share this groundbreaking project with Museum visitors,” said Stephen J. Watson, the museum’s president and CEO, in a press release. “This innovative experience provides an exciting and relevant way for the museum to connect with audiences of all ages and advance our educational mission. As audiences experience the war through the thoughts and feelings of those who experienced it firsthand, they will better understand the WWII generation’s emotional journey to defeat tyranny and defend freedom throughout the world.”

The Expressions of America World Premiere presented by Stephen G. and Regina Oswald Foundation kicked off the Museum’s Veterans Day weekend celebration and commemorative programming

Expressions of America was developed in partnership with Mousetrappe, an international designer known for producing media-based shows and experiences for museums, theme parks, expos and cultural attractions. Mousetrappe collaborated with Solomon Group — a New Orleans-based entertainment design and production firm — on the technical design. 

“When we began imagining Expressions of America with the Museum, the concept of an outdoor immersive experience was quite revolutionary,” said Daren Ulmer, founder of Mousetrappe. “The museum’s vision and innovative approach to storytelling allowed us to go beyond current trends in immersive experiences to create a unique evening experience that pushes technology, scale and traditional historical presentation techniques to a whole new level.”

The attraction was also supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and New Orleans & Company. The show is a permanent addition to the museum campus and will run three to four times per week.

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