OPSB Announces Unification Of Schools Task Force Members

NEW ORLEANS – The Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) announced its appointment of 100 Unification Task Force members, who will assist the Unification Advisory Committee (UAC) in ensuring timely execution of major milestones identified within the Unification Transition Plan for Orleans Parish public schools. Task Force members represent a variety of industries across the City of New Orleans, including education, banking, government and religion.

         “On behalf of the OPSB, I would like to thank each of the Task Force members for agreeing to take part in the important work being done to unify public schools in Orleans Parish under one governance structure,” said OPSB Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr. “We commend their level of expertise and commitment to public education in our city.”

         Unification Transition Plan development will be spearheaded by three core groups of stakeholders, including the Unification Executive Team, Unification Advisory Committee and Unification Task Force. Task Force members are assigned into one of four working groups, with approximately 25 individuals in each. Assigned team staff leaders from the OPSB and the Recovery School District (RSD) will be responsible for coordinating meetings. Task Force meetings will be closed to the public.

         For a complete list of working groups and respective members click here



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