OnPath FCU Continues Operations During Hurricane Ida

UnnamedHARAHAN – From OnPath Federal Credit Union:

After battering southeast Louisiana with strong winds and heavy rains, Hurricane Ida left many residents without electricity and access to important services for more than 50 hours. Approximately 118,000 households are still in the dark as the state works to restore power.

As the entire community continues to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Ida, and as thousands prepare for another round of rain and potential flooding with tropical storm Nicholas, OnPath Federal Credit Union remains operational and ready to assist members and the community. 

“What I am absolutely proudest about in how OnPath FCU responded to Hurricane Ida is that there was never a second, not one, where we were down in any way,” stated Jared Freeman, president and CEO of OnPath FCU. “Reporting shows that someone made an ATM withdrawal in the middle of the storm due to our generator power here at this facility. So, I am very proud that through our preparations, the security of our networks, and the structure we have in place, our over 64,000 members’ money couldn’t be safer or more accessible.”   

OnPath FCU temporarily transferred its call center to Houston and shifted 66 people to remote work, ensuring all communications with members and employees went uninterrupted despite the power outage in southeast Louisiana. On the Monday following Ida, the call center answered over 600 member calls when many local systems were down.   

In addition, OnPath FCU has funded over $1.5 Million in emergency loans since Aug. 30 to its members and continues to help its service areas with community events including supply giveaways in Lafourche parish, home to its Thibodaux branch.

All mobile banking and online transactions also remained functional to help members access their financial services.

“It is our burden of responsibility to be here for our members,” said Freeman. “We wear it like a badge of honor that people choose us and have done so for the past 60 years. In any situation, it’s important that our team works hard to make sure that our members do not feel that we are letting them down.”

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