On the Job: Dairy Duty

Back when milk was delivered to homes in bottles, 3400 Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans was home to the largest dairy in the South — Cloverland Dairy Products. Land for the dairy was purchased in 1921 from its previous owner, Henry Ford, and by 1924 the large, ornate white building was recognizable for the giant milk bottle that stood behind it, which was filled with water used to wash the milk trucks. For decades, until it was sold to Sealtest Dairy in 1950, Cloverland Dairy employed many New Orleanians — both men and women — including Louis Armstrong, who, at age 14, delivered milk from Cloverland from a wagon. Shown here are two women (pictured circa 1930) moving milk bottles into cases. New Orleanians now know the former Cloverland Dairy as a U.S. Post Office.