Ochsner Nurses Honored Among Louisiana’s Best

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NEW ORLEANS – Twenty-three registered nurses with Ochsner ​and its affiliated hospitals were recognized in the 2019 “Great Nurses of Louisiana” list compiled annually by The Great 100 Nurses Foundation.  The announcement was made in a press release.

Honorees from Ochsner ​and its affiliated hospitals include:

Business Office – Benson Tower

  • Jennifer Phillips, RN

 Nursing Practice – Benson Tower

  • Stuart Redfearn, RN

Nursing Practice – Dickory

  • Rosalie Barker, RN

Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center

  • Renee Bertinot, RN
  • Traci Boudreaux, RN
  • Tiffany Chiasson, RN
  • Shanna Ledet, RN

Ochsner Baptist

  • Kimberly Dunn, RN
  • Theresa Reynolds, RN

Ochsner St. Anne

  • Lisa Labat, RN

Ochsner Medical Center – Northshore

  • Doraine Woods, RN

Ochsner Medical Center – Baton Rouge

  • Abigail Kimbel, RN
  • Anna Polachova, RN

Ochsner Medical Center – Jefferson Highway

  • Sarah Bordelon, RN
  • Mary Bouchon, RN
  • Jeri Casley, RN
  • Jennifer Garnand, RN
  • Denise Hancock, RN
  • Wendy Perera, RN
  • Jessica Peterson, RN
  • Pamela Travis, RN

Ochsner Health Center – Elmwood

  • Cristina Berthelot, BSN, RN
  • Lori Southerland, RN​

Ochsner’s nursing staff has a history of acknowledgments by the Great 100 Nurses of Louisiana Foundation for their commitment to patient care. Approximately 570 Ochsner nurses have been recognized since the program launched more than 30 years ago.

The Great 100 Nurses Foundation was founded in New Orleans 1986 and since then has honored thousands of nurses across Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma. The Great 100 Nurses of Louisiana list recognizes outstanding nursing accomplishments and successes. The annual honorees are selected by their peers and patients, based on their achievements in four areas: administration, clinical / community, education and research.

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